Ipsos Update – March 2023

Advertising, love, healthcare… Ipsos Update explores the latest and greatest research & thinking on key topics from Ipsos teams around the world.

Welcome to the “Twitchy Twenties” – the post-pandemic era. In this month’s issue of Ipsos Update, we explore some of the many crises that are characterising this decade.

We highlight the impact that cultural assumptions about gender are currently having on women’s healthcare in the UK, demonstrate the strength that credibility and empathy can play in sustainability advertising, reveal a series of uncomfortable truths standing in the way of Canada’s energy transition, and revisit global consumer confidence and concerns about inflation.

We also travel the globe to explore the latest findings from Ipsos in different countries; take a look at a selection below:

In this edition:

Ipsos Global Trends 2023:

The world isn’t in crisis, it’s in crises. We share the results from our largest-ever Global Trends survey and discuss the Macro Forces that will shape the next decade.
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Sustainability Advertising

This paper demonstrates how successful sustainability advertising comes from integrating sustainability with brand benefit messaging, by blending empathy and believability.
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Love Life Satisfaction

This 32-country study explores how satisfied people across the world are with their love lives, their relationship with their partner and their romantic or sex lives more generally. 
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The Future of Love

Shifting norms surrounding how and who people love and how they express it will affect brands and services across dating apps, housing, financial services, gifts, health & wellbeing and more. Our latest What the Future report investigates.
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What Worries the World?

Inflation remains the top global concern for the 11th month in a row and the number one worry for 15 countries. We also see small rises in worry about inequality, crime & violence, and corruption.
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Superbowl LVII Ad Awards

The Super Bowl isn’t only the US sporting pinnacle of the season, but the advertising high point as well. We share Ipsos analysis on which ads were the top performers of the night.
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Hysterical Health

 We explore how culturally-embedded beliefs about gender influence healthcare professionals’ behaviours and what needs to change to potentially level the playing field.
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A Month in Podcasts:  Listen in as our experts discuss the impacts of the transformation of the insights industry and how to collect accurate data about respondents' gender across cultures.

Also find short articles on the inconvenient truths standing in the way of Canada’s transition to clean energy, enhancements to the way Ipsos measures consumer confidence, and three key areas for business leaders to focus on to build trust.

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