Common Market Poll, May 1978

Poll for the Daily Express on attitudes to the Common Market (European Economic Community) and to the recent introduction of radio broadcasting of Parliamentary proceedings

MORI interviewed a representative interlocking quota sample of 532 adults aged 18+. Interviews were conducted face-to-face in 54 constituency sampling points across Great Britain on 24 May 1978.

Q1 How would you vote if there were a General Election tomorrow? (If undecided or refused at Q1) Q2 Which party are you most inclined to support? Base: All expressing a voting intention NOTE: BECAUSE OF THE SMALL SAMPLE SIZE, THE VOTING INTENTION FIGURES WERE NOT PUBLISHED WHEN THE POLL WAS RELEASED IN 1978
Conservative 45
Labour 46
Liberal 6
Other 3

  Q3 If there were a referendum now on whether Britain should stay in or get out of the Common Market, how would you vote?

     All    Men  Women
  % % %
Stay in 43 48 37
Get out 48 46 51
Don't know 9 6 12

Q4 Do you think Britain's membership in the Common Market over the past few years has or has not...?

    Has Has not Don't know
...made Britain more prosperous than it would have been? % 21 64 15
...reduced Britain's control over her own destiny? % 72 21 8
...increased the political stability of Europe? % 45 33 22
...made food prices go up more than they would have done? % 82 14 4

Q5 Next year Britain will be going to the polls to elect its representatives for the European Parliament? How likely will you be to vote at that election?

I will definitely vote 41
I will probably vote 22
Not sure whether I will vote or not 11
I will probably not vote 9
I will definitely not vote 13
Don't know 4

Q6 If you do vote, which party would you vote for? (If undecided or refused at Q6) Q6a Which party would you be most inclined to support? Base: All except those who would "definitely not vote" (414)

Conservative 45
Labour 47
Liberal 6
Other 2
Q7 Do you think it is a good thing or a bad thing to have the proceedings of the House of Commons broadcast on the radio?
Good thing 67
Bad thing 23
Don't know 10

Q8 Have you ever listened to any broadcast of the proceedings of the House of Commons?

Yes 70
No 30
Don't know/can't remember 1
Q9 Who do you think comes across best from the broadcasts, Mr Callaghan or Mrs Thatcher? Base: Those who have ever listened to the broadcasts
Mr Callaghan 46
Mrs Thatcher 27
Neither 18
Don't know 8

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