Ipsos Global Trends 2021: Aftershocks and continuity

Global Trends 2021: Aftershocks and continuity outlines the global opinions, attitudes and behaviours of 24,000 people in 25 markets around brands, technology, society, consumerism and much more.

Welcome to Ipsos Global Trends 2021: Aftershocks and continuity. This is the latest instalment in our wide-ranging series that seeks to understand how global values are shifting. This year’s update polls the public in 25 countries around the world, ranging from developed countries such as the US, UK and Italy, to emerging markets in Asia such as China and Thailand – as well as covering important new markets like Kenya and Nigeria for the first time.

The survey reveals a world where public attitudes and values have changed less than might be expected under pressure from the pandemic. The changes we do see in the data tend to be driven by long-running trends in public opinion that pre-date COVID-19.

In this 30 minute podcast, new Ipsos Global CEO Ben Page discusses the findings from the latest iteration of our Global Trends Study, looking back at how the pandemic has changed our attitudes, and looking forward to what this means for the coming year and beyond.


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Ben Page
Chief Executive, Ipsos

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