Researchers will move faster in 2023 with digital survey automation

How DIY surveys are delivering faster, more cost-effective consumer insights.

As the world moves faster, it’s increasingly difficult to keep up with changing consumer behaviours and preferences. At the same time, economic headwinds around the globe mean consumer-centricity is more important than ever for businesses. Understanding consumer needs, perceptions, and trends is critical for brands to make better business decisions – and ensure their strategies are rooted in real consumer data, not gut feelings or guesses.

Over the past few years, the market research and consumer insights industry has undergone significant disruption, driven mostly by technology. Researchers have embraced new data sources and approaches – like Artificial Intelligence-enabled consumer intelligence (AICI) – and found new ways to get faster, cheaper consumer feedback. One path many brands (and Ipsos researchers!) have embraced is do-it-yourself (DIY) research.

DIY research platforms enable users to design and launch surveys in a fraction of the time that traditional approaches require. Within hours rather than weeks, brands can get quick answers to virtually any business question. At Ipsos, our DIY research tool FastFacts helps market researchers and insights professionals move faster and smarter by:

  • Providing a quick, cost-effective alternative to traditional techniques
    At a time when business agility is so important, brands need to be able to quickly identify insights and turn them into action. With FastFacts, users can select their target audience, build their own survey using a simple, intuitive questionnaire builder, and access results in a BI-style dashboard within as little as 24 hours. Plus, no subscription fees mean brands only pay for the studies they need, when they need them.
  • Simplifying the research design process
    Developed with Ipsos market research specialists, the platform is designed to streamline and simplify the entire research lifecycle. With access to templates, target screeners, and sample questionnaires, researchers don’t need to start from scratch on every project. The Head of Insights at a multinational firm put it best, “We [built our] survey, completed data collection within 48 hours, and the automated dashboard was generated immediately after. It’s the fastest turnaround of a research project we have had so far…”
  • Tapping into Ipsos’ global network of respondents
    Finding the right survey respondents is key to uncovering meaningful, actionable insights – but it’s also difficult. Ipsos.Digital’s solutions provide direct access to Ipsos’ high-quality samples in over 50 markets. It’s as simple as selecting your parameters and launching your survey. One Ipsos.Digital client at Saxo Bank noted, “Ipsos.Digital helps us address two key issues in our research: access to respondents and rapid turnaround. With a target audience as specific as ours, these are issues that challenge [us] the most, and [it] has proven effective in both areas.”
  • Accessing a team of local experts when you need them.
    While DIY is a great option, it’s not for everyone. Ipsos’ team of researchers are available to provide as little or as much support as your project requires – from one-off assistance with a questionnaire or data interpretation – to full-service support on your entire research project. Another client at Haleon shared, “Ipsos.Digital is a great option for us as we can write our own survey but are also supported by the account team when needed. It’s great to see the power of tech combined with research powers.”

Curious to see how Ipsos’ DIY research tool can help you make better, faster business decisions in 2023? Request a demo with our team of experts today.