Ipsos Update – September 2023

Barbiecore, artificial intelligence, ESG… Ipsos Update explores the latest and greatest research & thinking on key topics from Ipsos teams around the world.

The September edition of Ipsos Update dives into what consumers expect of multinational companies when it comes to ESG issues and examines public understanding and awareness of environmental sustainability across the Middle East and North Africa. We also take a look at how cultural narratives surrounding AI might shape its future and how brands can navigate the tension between the wonder of AI and the worry about its capabilities.

Our featured articles also include how brands can leverage the wave of pink that has engulfed the world with the resurgence of Barbiecore, alongside new research on social issues as we review global views on abortion and non-Indigenous Australian perceptions of First Nations Peoples.

In this edition:

The Power of Barbiecore

This summer’s Barbiecore trends didn’t just take over retail spaces, it took over social media. We explore why consumers are connecting with Barbiecore and how brands can leverage this phenomenon.
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Global Views on Abortion

More than one in two (56%) across 29 countries believe abortion should be legal, including 27% who feel it should be legal in all cases. However, there are big differences in support across countries.
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What Worries the World

Inflation remains the number one worry for a 17th month, despite dropping to its lowest level this year. Concern for climate change has also risen in Europe following recent heatwaves.
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Environmental Sustainability in MENA

This report explores awareness and understanding of environmental sustainability issues across Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
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What the Future – Intelligence

We review what brands, businesses and policymakers need to know about the potential risks and rewards of AI, and consider how to navigate the tension between the wonder and the worries.
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Very Human Reactions to AI

Cultural narratives around AI have the power to shape consumer expectations and reactions to new applications of Generative AI. We share how four narratives are shaping the debate.
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Making ESG a Competitive Advantage

We share new data on how consumers balance the importance of Environmental, Social and Governance issues, with a breakdown by sector.
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Early Adopters of Generative AI

The breadth and depth of Generative AI use cases sets out a diverse set of needs among early adopters. Segmenting users on their needs provides a way to navigate this complex landscape.
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Also find short articles on non-Indigenous Australian attitudes towards First Nations Peoples, consumer perceptions of companies’ ESG performance, and global levels of consumer confidence.