Closing the consumer consciousness gap

Put people at the heart of your decisions.

Closing the consumer consciousness gap | IpsosThe insights world is going through a transformation. Consumer needs, wants, expectations, and preferences are changing rapidly, markets are fragmenting, and companies need to understand their customers better and faster to stay competitive.

Companies have access to a wealth of behavioural and usage data, and insights teams should combine information from all available data sources to uncover new insights and advise stakeholders on relevant next steps. It is essential for CMIs to have a broader view of everything that is available and to use it to enrich any piece of analysis so that business questions are answered in a broader and more holistic way. This is what Ipsos calls Consumer Consciousness.

However, most CMI teams aren’t doing this. A survey of market insights professionals shows that they struggle to combine multiple data and information sources, and as a result they tend to stick to the basics. Interestingly, agency researchers think their clients are further along in this process than they are, which results in misaligned expectations and sub-optimal collaboration.

Only when market insights professionals on both the client and agency side start to think differently about their roles, how they support the people they collaborate with, and where they can add value, will they become the strategic partner they want to be.

To learn more read Closing the Consumer Consciousness Gap.

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