1979 Devolution Referendum Campaign - Survey 3

MORI Poll of voting intentions in Scotland for the Scottish Daily Express, 27-28 February 1979 (ahead of the referendum on 1 March)

MORI interviewed an interlocking quota sample of 1,003 adults aged 18+ in 40 constituencies across Scotland on 27-28 February 1979. Interviews were conducted face to face. The survey was conducted for the Scottish Daily Express.

Q. As you may know, the Scottish people will vote on 1st March in a referendum to decide whether there should be a Scottish Assembly or not. How likely are you to vote in this referendum?

Absolutely certain will vote 70
Fairly certain will vote 8
Not sure whether will vote or not 5
Fairly certain will not vote 2
Absolutely certain will not vote 8
Don't know 6

Q. If you do vote in this referendum, will you vote for the setting up of a Scottish Assembly or not?

Yes, will vote for Scottish Assembly 38
No, will vote opposing Scottish Assembly 38
Will not vote 7
Don't know 15
Refused 2

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