Learning & Development

People are the very heart of our organisation and we passionately believe that the learning, growth and development of each individual within Ipsos is fundamental.

We focus on providing our employees with the best quality and range of development opportunities available from the Ipsos Academy in the following areas:

  • Research development: improving knowledge of your craft skills, delivered by internal experts with business specific experience
  • Management & Leadership development: recognising the vital and influential role of managers as people developers and equipping them with the skills to guide, support and lead towards improved business performance
  • Personal development: focusing on vital skills that apply across all aspects of working life
  • Technical development: supporting the growth of IT skills
  • Client development: providing the foundations of business success

By joining Ipsos, you will be able to access the development opportunities available with the support and guidance of our dedicated Learning & Development Team.

Being part of an international company means you are a member of a worldwide learning community. With the help of the latest technology you can tap into knowledge and learning opportunities from across the globe.

At Ipsos, you can incorporate learning into all parts of everyday working life and your development will go beyond the training room. We encourage continuous learning through a range of opportunities such as:

  • Graduate development programme
  • Management Development Programme
  • Leadership Development Programme
  • MRS professional qualifications
  • Mentoring
  • Client First Programme
  • UK and global e-learning
  • Access to a wide range of business, research and management texts
  • Coaching
  • Trainer development
  • Further education support
  • Knowledge sharing

We are consistently engaging with different groups across the business to discuss learning needs and improvement. As an employee, your interest in developing your knowledge, skills and capabilities contributes to our learning approach. Learning is everyone’s responsibility and at Ipsos when you join, you will have the opportunity to be a part of this.

In addition to local and country-based training, Ipsos provides centralised training. Ipsos is proud of the participation level of its people in the various programmes of its online campus, Ipsos Training Center (ITC). 

The ITC Mission is to provide high quality and up to date training solutions that contribute to all Ipsos employees and key Ipsos clients´ personal and organisational growth and development.