The Power of Culture

Cultural insight increasingly offers clues and explains behaviour in a way other forms of analysis can miss or overlook. Culture is everywhere - it shapes how we dress, how we vote and the way we view the world. Culture guides our behaviours, values and perceptions.

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  • Claire Emes Ipsos UU, UK
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We have explored the way in which culture affects our social norms and the underlying tensions it can create – whether that be in brands, business, politics or society. If we don’t focus in on culture, how can we expect our communications to be effective, our brands to have salience, or our policies to be attuned to people’s true beliefs and behaviours? Our latest paper showcases some practical solutions to building cultural understanding, sharing examples from business and government which have led to more culturally relevant, impactful outcomes.

  • Mars Petcare’s award-winning story explains how we used cultural insights to create relevance in emerging markets. Oliver Sweet, Head of Ethnography, Ipsos.
  • Public Health England explain how they used cultural analysis to ensure strategies around health and wellbeing are developed to work with the consumer to drive positive behaviour change. Matthew Walmsley, Deputy Director, Strategy and Behaviour Change   
  • The Economist used their understanding of gender norms to become more inclusive. Marina Haydn, Managing Director, Global Circulation, The Economist

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If you are interested to learn more about our cultural intelligence, anthropology or ethnography offers, and to read our latest thinking and case studies please visit the brand new Ipsos Ethnography Centre of Excellence website.

The author(s)
  • Claire Emes Ipsos UU, UK

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