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Artificial Intelligence

Discover, generate, and screen your ideas, concepts, products and packaging with generative and analytical artificial intelligence.

Explore your consumer’s universe with artificial intelligence

InnoExplorer is Ipsos’ end-to-end solution for innovation exploration. Powered by artificial intelligence and fresh consumer data, InnoExplorer can generate innovations and predict their potential in any product category.



Consumers’ experiences are nuanced and intricate

We are all uniquely human. Consumers’ decisions are complex, emotional, contextual, and often irrational in every product category.

The need to reflect consumers’ realities

Today’s artificial intelligence models are trained on vast amounts of data, which risk knowledge gaps, hallucination and misrepresentation.

Connecting with real consumers starts by innovating with them.

Output as good as its input

Powered by Ipsos Facto, Ipsos’ secure generative AI sandbox, InnoExplorer AI learns from fresh consumer data, that is:

Relevant to your product category

Representative of your target audience

Timeless, always true, valid and applicable

Ipsos’ vast databases

Get validated metrics and sales volumetric forecasts from Ipsos’ vast consumer databases of 150,000+ concepts and 6+ million verbatims.

Authentic experiences

Tap into fresh consumer data is relevant to your category, representative of your target audience and traceable to avoid hallucinations.

Global innovation expertise

Use expert prompts, built on over 40 years of innovation know-how at every stage of product development, with the leading data scientists and category experts in over 90 markets.

Traceable and trusted

Purposefully collected consumer data in InnoExplorer is traced to avoid hallucinations and tracked to break through the black box nature of large language models. Data is stored in Ipsos’ secure AI sandbox, Ipsos Facto, to keep your data safe.

Innovate with artificial intelligence

Generate your innovations and renovations, and predict their potential, for faster and smarter development cycles.

Innovate with consumers

Tailor new ideas, concepts, products, and packages with fresh consumer data, and optimize them for higher success rates.

Innovate for  your consumers, with your consumers.

Accelerate your innovation cycles from months to days. Power your concepts with higher trial potential, and your products with higher overall liking. Boost your innovations with breakthrough potential. Connect with real consumers – start by innovating with them.

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At Ipsos, we champion the unique blend of Human Intelligence (HI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to propel innovation and deliver impactful, human-centric insights for our clients.

Our HI stems from our expertise in prompt engineering, data science, and our unique, high quality data sets – which embeds creativity, curiosity, ethics, and rigor into our AI solutions, powered by our Ipsos Facto GenAI platform.

Our clients benefit from insights that are safer, faster and rooted in the human context. Let’s unlock the potential of HI+AI.