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Today’s world is disrupted by a whirlwind of issues: social crises, political uncertainty, climate change and concerns about the implementation of artificial intelligence, to name just a few. Four in five people (83%) say the world today is changing too fast, according to the Ipsos 2024 Global Trends survey of 50 markets.

Brands must constantly adapt to this chaos by planning around shifting contexts – or else risk falling into a futile cycle of reactivity.

Breaking through requires a comprehensive knowledge of context for brands to position their products and services, an ability to speak creatively to form a deeper brand connection with their ads, and a consistent customer experience that can be measured and optimized.


Revisit our online discussion featuring experts from YouTube, MetLife and Ipsos exploring key ways brands can get ahead in the customer journey:

  • Positioning: How marketers can reshape consumer expectations so that only their brand can meet them
  • Creative activation: How social advertising can transcend transactional interactions to forge a persistent brand story
  • Delivering: How the brand experience can be designed and delivered so that it meets and reinforces consumer expectations


Join Ipsos in New York City on July 17 for an exclusive cocktail event exploring how your brand can break through the chaos and connect with consumers.

From the cost of living to climate change, today’s consumers have countless competing demands on their attention. Marketers must adapt to these shifting contexts – or risk losing loyalty, relevance, and trust.

Learn how understanding Americans’ contexts can lead to durable brand connections and sustainable growth. Ipsos experts together with our special guest will share exclusive insights on how (and why) leaders can integrate context into creative campaigns, the customer experience, and everything in between.

Impact Story

You now know that an understanding of consumers and their contexts is essential to successful brand positioning. But how can you make this framework work for you?

In our Client Impact Story you’ll learn how Ipsos’ ad testing and research infused relevance and relatability into a leading digital platform’s marketing campaign, while ensuring that they stayed true to their unique niche.

Bookmark our Insights to Activate series exploring a range of timely topics, featuring impactful insights today that you can activate tomorrow.