Simstore Pack | Ipsos


Measure the success of new packs in a competitive context.

Simstore is Ipsos’ research platform using virtual technology to help understand and predict behavior at point of purchase. Our platform helps clients quantify winning strategies through simulated brick & mortar and e-commerce shopping environments.

With Simstore, clients can get to the root of how shoppers make decisions, optimize navigation and retail conditions, and measure success of new products and package designs.

Simstore Pack

As shoppers often only spend a few seconds at the shelf deciding which product to buy, understanding shoppers’ reactions to a new pack in a competitive context is crucial. Simstore replicates the real-life purchase situation, testing your new packs in a realistic and competitive environment. Simstore Pack combines key behavioral and attitudinal KPIs, helping you optimize your design before launch. Simstore’s virtual store research is the ideal tool for later stage packaging validation.

Realistic scenario testing

Regardless of purchase channel, Simstore replicates all kinds of shopping environments, both online and offline, to help you win at the point of purchase.