Understanding Society

Evidently better: Putting evidence and policymaking to work, side-by-side

What lessons can we draw from the pandemic in terms of policymaking and the use of evidence?

Understanding Society - A Great British Recovery?

Read our latest Understanding Society Edition which looks at what might happen with a Great British recovery from COVID.

Understanding Society - Great Britain: The way we live now

In this issue of Ipsos Social Research Institute's Understanding Society newsletter, we look at the way Britons live now and how our attitudes, values and behaviours compare with those in other countries.

Understanding Society: The Power and Perils of Data

In this issue of Ipsos Social Research Institute's Understanding Society newsletter, we focus on the potential for data to improve the way people live their lives, as well as the public perception of risks this greater reliance on data brings.

Understanding Society: A Woman's World

The latest edition of Ipsos's Understanding Society newsletter, A Woman's World, brings together a collection of articles, based on our research with a diverse range of women all around the world.

Understanding Society: Putting people in the picture

As sustainable development becomes ever more embedded in government and corporate practice, the world of research has increasingly shifted its thinking to economic, social and environmental impacts.

Understanding Society: Beyond Populism

Download the latest edition of Understanding Society - Beyond Populism – which explores the major political and social shifts around the world.

Understanding Society - A healthy understanding? Global attitudes to health

This publication examines the state of health at both a national and global level, drawing together some of the research carried out by our Ipsos colleagues in 30 countries and across five continents.

Understanding Society May 2016: The death of polling?

This issue of Understanding Society focuses on two closely connected topics that are core to what we do at Ipsos: the government's push to open up and improve the policy making process, and the very real challenges around the legitimacy of our democratic system.

Understanding Society: The Perils of Perception

Welcome to the latest edition of the Ipsos Social Research Institute's Understanding Society. This issue explores the challenges in associated with measuring and understanding the way people think and act.