ASCO Annual Meeting 2024

The companies that generate the most seemingly favorable buzz during the annual ASCO conference aren’t necessarily the ones that are viewed most favorably by oncologists. 

Ipsos Healthcare is on the ground at ASCO every year to conduct competitive intelligence which is then synthesized with the results of a robust quantitative survey among hundreds of physicians who attended the conference (in person and virtually). We cover a broad range of performance metrics and shed light on leading indicators of success. Trended data and fully custom reporting (tied to strategic imperatives) help companies who have a presence in the exhibit hall understand how they are doing vs. the competition. 

Is your company already signed up to receive The Ipsos 2024 ASCO report? Space is limited to include your proprietary questions. During the month of March, we are offering a review of select results from our 2021 – 2023 research at no cost. Reach out for more information!

In addition, Ipsos’ expert Oncology insights have been accepted as online publications:

  1. A Comparison of Real-World Incidence of EGFR Exon 20 Insertion Mutations Among NSCLC Patients in 5 Asian Markets, Stratified by Testing Methodology
  2. Comparison of Drug Treatment Intent in Stage IV Solid Tumors in EU4+UK
  3. Reasons for Biomarker Testing in NSCLC: An Analysis of Reasoning Between 2021-2023 in Early- vs. Late-Stage Patients
  4. Are People in the US Getting Cancer at a Younger Age?
  5. Physician Justification for Anti-Cancer Treatment Decisions in the Evolving Oncology Market