Is Biden losing steam?

COVID is retreating in the U.S; will Biden’s approval numbers retreat too?

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  • Clifford Young President, US, Public Affairs
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We are about halfway through the year; the Biden administration a little less so. Wow, time flies.

America has reemerged into the world. Look at all the people out and about, traffic; long lines; mask-less interactions. It almost seems normal.

The Biden administration has effectively managed the pandemic via its massive vaccine mobilization. A campaign promise made and currently being delivered. Overall, this is a good thing.

But is President Biden losing steam? The data seem to suggest that he is. As I pointed out, Biden would probably be a causality of his own success. With the virus effectively managed, other more intractable issues come to the fore. Right now, it is the economy, and Biden needs an answer.

Below I detail the five most relevant polling data points of the week:

  1. Reemergence. The data speaks for itself: the world has reopened. People are increasingly unfettered. Feel the collective sigh of relief.America reemerging


  2. Losing Steam? Biden still maintains solid numbers. But are cracks showing in his armor? It's hard to tell. But surfing the COVID wave will soon end.Biden approval


  3. Partisan Divide. Biden is strong and weak where we would expect. Blue Americans like him; Red ones don't. Our partisan world affords no honeymoons. To this end, COVID has had little effect.approval by demo


  4. Average Performance. Biden's performance is nothing but average, despite all the praise for Biden's COVID response. Maybe in our partisan COVID world, that is a good thing. If average is the new normal, then the Democrats should be worried about 2022.Historic presidential performance


  5. Viral Economy. The economy now decisively trumps COVID; this is Biden's real challenge. As the COVID train comes to an end, other issues come into relief. That infrastructure bill seems more critical than ever. Do you think Biden knows this?Main Issue


Summing up, Biden’s approval ratings are solid, but they could spell trouble for 2022. Now that the pandemic is under control, more difficult issues for the president are growing in importance. The economy is the problem of the moment. What Biden does (or even can do) to change these lukewarm numbers will be the space to watch.

As always, be safe, be sane.


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The author(s)

  • Clifford Young President, US, Public Affairs