Ipsos PharmTrends174 Leads Industry Since 1997

Research service first to identify key growth trends

UNIONDALE, NEW YORK - In 1997, PharmTrends was the first consumer-based research service to identity the power of direct-to-consumer marketing within the pharmaceutical industry beginning with the expansion of the prescription allergy market powered by Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec and Flonase and their quest for market share dominance above non-prescription alternatives.

The findings revealed how advertising for the prescription allergy segment resulted in increased consumer awareness, a greater willingness by consumers to ask about a prescription drug by name, and greater consumer loyalty, in terms of accepting, filling, and staying with a prescription.

Since that groundbreaking effort, PharmTrends has continued to be the first to identify key trends in consumer purchase behavior - and to reveal how those trends will affect the pharmaceuticals marketplace.

"It's been a phenomenal six years," said Fariba Zamaniyan, director and spokesperson for Ipsos PharmTrends174. "We've been right there, alongside the explosion of blockbuster introductions and the surge in direct-to-consumer advertising. We have seen, up close, consumers become so much more aware of treatment alternatives and substantially more involved in their personal health care."

Heightened consumer awareness makes it more important than ever to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts on the end user, the patient, Zamaniyan noted.

Since January 1997, Ipsos PharmTrends174 has been tracking monthly consumer purchase behavior of both prescription and non-prescription medications in one source. PharmTrends174 evaluates marketing programs, identifies who is driving brand shares and fluctuations against competitors, determines sources of business, and so much more.

"PharmTrends has changed the way the industry, its friends and even its critics view the relationship between patients and the pharmaceutical industry," said Zamaniyan. "Our track record in helping the industry to identify successful opportunities has been remarkable."

PharmTrends174 provides a comprehensive set of diagnostics for maximizing brand equity and target market investments. PharmTrends174 not only helps pharmaceutical firms to develop their marketing and advertising campaigns, but enables them to track the impact of their programs to initiate trial and encourage buyer loyalty. It quantifies whether or not consumer/patient strategies are:

  • Attracting buyers from within or outside the market;
  • Driving buyer retention and increasing persistency;
  • Triggering patients to ask specifically for your brand;
  • Leading to prescription fulfillment, based on your sampling program.

PharmTrends174 reveals consumer purchase behavioral insight on a longitudinal basis from a panel of 16,000 households -- balanced and representative of the U.S. Census composition. PharmTrends174 monitors the prescriptions filled and non-prescription drugs purchased for each family member with Ipsos-NPD's panel of households who report their purchases every month. Providing prescription and non-prescription purchase activity can reveal the tradeoffs consumers are making in their treatment regimens.

PharmTrends174 is offered on a syndicated basis, is cost-effective and available now. To view more information about PharmTrends174 and more, please visit http://www.ipsos-npd.com/rx.cfm.

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To find out more or to take full advantage of PharmTrends174 through an annual subscription, or to access it on an as-needed basis, please contact: Fariba Zamaniyan, 516.507.3047 or Fariba_Zamaniyan@ipsos-npd.com

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