The Quirk's Event is a valuable collection of sessions and networking opportunities with leaders in the insights field. They are designed to be affordable and convenient, with in-person and virtual options and multiple dates and locations.  

Please join Ipsos in Chicago to hear more about the future of shopping!  What does the future of retail hold and what will shoppers be seeking from brands? Ipsos partnered with Synchrony, the consumer financial services company which issues credit cards for retailers from Google to Walgreens, to envision the future of shopping. In this session featuring Ipsos' Trevor Sudano, we’ll distill three big future forces around retail and shopping that every brand must know: meaningful connection experiences, curation beats out competition, and convenience on the go. Join us [March 26 |1:30pm] to learn key insights from our study around these themes and discover what that means for connecting with consumers. 

On day 2, Ipsos' Emmanuel Probst will be speaking about how your brand can harness consumption occasions to attract more people, more often and more easily [March 27 | 2:15pm]. To succeed, brands need a deeper understanding of the world we all live in and a broader sense of what brands add to our lives. Working out how context influences the brands that people choose means understanding their everyday reality: their values, opinions and norms. Brand research must therefore capture how consumers think and act in common purchasing situations, to create a holistic picture of how consumers and brands interact. Join Emmanuel to hear extensive research on research, exploring: 

  • How context influences the brands that people choose.
  • How to understand and track comprehensive drivers of brand choice that are often ignored in brand research.
  • How new and different occasions can become relevant to future success and what is needed to overcome competition in those different situations.
  • How your brand can plan for future success and how perceived empathy can play a critical role.

In addition, Ipsos, Kohler and Kraft Heinz will share insights and strategies aimed at maximizing efficiency and effectiveness within constrained resources. Doing More With Less [March 27 | 1:30pm] will delve into innovative methodologies such as agile research approaches, leveraging automation tools and harnessing data analytics to streamline processes and extract meaningful insights with limited budgets and timeframes. Emphasizing cross-functional collaboration and the judicious use of technology, Ipsos' Leabe Commisso will talk to the importance of aligning research efforts with overarching business objectives while prioritizing high-impact initiatives.

Please register online here. Be sure to drop by our booth #223 to connect with us in person and to learn more about our suite of capabilities to help you achieve brand success. 

And expect to also see us in Dallas (February) and New York (July).

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Speakers :

  • Trevor Sudano, Principal, Ipsos Strategy3

  • Leabe Commisso, Senior Vice President, Client Officer

  • Emmanuel Probst, Global Lead, Brand Thought Leadership