[RECORDING] Context and Meaning: Likely Outcomes of the 2024 US Election

After two contests, former President Donald Trump will most likely win the Republican nomination which begs the question–Trump vs. President Biden–who will win?

Join Ipsos’ Clifford Young and Kyle Kondik, Managing Editor at Sabato’s Crystal Ball, for a frank discussion about the 2024 election. Ipsos’ Mark Polyak will also provide special commentary.

We will talk at length about the races for the presidency, house, and senate. And answer important question like: What are the forces shaping possible outcomes this year? What are the personalities that will make them interesting? And what will ultimately happen?

To revisit the recording, please click here. In advance, take a look at our deep dive analysis of why the election outcome is highly uncertain.

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Speakers :

  • Clifford Young, President, US, Public Affairs

  • Mark Polyak, President of Analytics, Ipsos North America

  • Kyle Kondik, Managing Editor, Sabato’s Crystal Ball