The Inside Track Briefings: 2024 Election Briefing

View our on demand webinar briefing for data and trends transforming the country – and how that will impact the 2024 elections.

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  • Chris Jackson Senior Vice President, US, Public Affairs
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The Ipsos Public Affairs polling team is back with their regular webinar series exploring the latest data and trends transforming the country. During each briefing, we’ll cover:

  • How Americans are navigating the economy and the bout of generationally high inflation;
  • The continued partisanship coloring American life;
  • President Biden’s performance in office, along with the challenges that lay ahead for his administration; 
  • Any developments around the 2024 presidential cycle; and,
  • The latest news events that will shape public opinion and perception.

After some of the most turbulent years in modern American history, 2024 continues to hold many surprises. Listen in as Ipsos’ Chris Jackson, Senior Vice President of Ipsos Public Affairs, and Sarah Feldman, Senior Data Journalist, analyze and contextualize the need-to-know trends of today that will shape tomorrow.

Our next briefing will run on May 28 - please join us!

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The author(s)
  • Chris Jackson Senior Vice President, US, Public Affairs