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Improve the odds of designing a successful online experience for your customers and prospects by revisiting our UX Score Benchmark insights-filled on demand webinar here.

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  • Peter Mackey Executive Vice President, Ipsos UX
  • Ying Wang Director, US, UX
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We know that the user experience of an app or website has a big impact on consumer choice. For example, 51% of consumers have stopped using a website because it was too confusing; 45% have switched companies due to a poor online experience; 52% of consumers said that a bad mobile experience make them less likely to engage with a company. But how can you tell if your user experience is best-in-class or missing the mark?

Ipsos UX has used our proprietary UX Score to benchmark over 125 websites and apps in 14 industries so we know what a great experience looks like. Revisit our on demand webinar to learn more about how to measure your user experience compared to best-in-class sites and apps, and what to do to improve it. We discuss:

  • What industry is setting the standard for user experience and what can you emulate
  • What visual design elements drive satisfaction and repeat usage
  • What is the impact of feature relevance versus usability
  • How can you boost your NPS through improved user experience

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[PODCAST] What is UX Score?

User Experience is essential for brand success, but it can be hard to measure due to its subjective nature. So how does a brand or a business know if they are providing an excellent experience and how can they compare to competitors? This is where Ipsos’ UX Score comes in. The Ipsos UX Score is a proprietary tool to help clients objectively assess their user experience. The UX Score can accurately predict a brand’s equity. It can also be used as a benchmark for offline and online experience for physical and digital products.

Jacqueline Hull, Senior Vice President, UX USA hosts a podcast episode exploring how clients can leverage it.

The author(s)
  • Peter Mackey Executive Vice President, Ipsos UX
  • Ying Wang Director, US, UX

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