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Brimming with content dedicated to future-thinking marketers combined with innovation and emerging technologies, POSSIBLE will be the centerpiece for the entire marketing and media community to network with industry peers, share ideas, present visions and discuss mutual challenges.

For those attending, be sure to join us for Whose Data is it Anyway? [April 19 |11:55 am ET | Vision Hall]

In a marketplace where data has becoming less of a two-way exchange between marketers and their ad partners, the need for first party data ownership by is becoming increasingly important. As regulators and industry leaders are increasing driving transparency from a privacy and identity perspective, brands need to maximize how it affects their media mix, their partnerships, and the true returns on their investments. During this session, Robert Cardarelli, EVP, Analytics and Attribution, Ipsos MMA, will join a panel discussion exploring critical aspects of data ownership, and detail why it's time for a marketers bill of rights.    

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Speakers :

  • Robert Cardarelli, EVP, Analytics and Attribution, Ipsos MMA

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