[RECORDING] Big Game Ad Winners – Beyond Likeability To What Actually Worked

Join Ipsos, TikTok, SeeHer and Nestle as we celebrate who really won the Super Bowl this year: the advertisers who were most effective.

But unlike the Super Bowl itself, there isn’t just one winner among the commercials, because they aren’t all trying to do the same thing. So why would you reduce the analysis to a simple ranking based on likes or stars? At Ipsos we conduct a robust analysis combining a variety of methods to showcase what the best marketers each did to be effective. Building on our in-depth approach, we are collaborating with TikTok to highlight brands that generated impact beyond TV.

To join us for this special live-streamed discussion/or revisit the recording, please click here.

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  • Pedr Howard, Head of Creative Excellence
  • Vita Molis, Head of Research & Insights, TikTok
  • Rene Lassauzet, Head of Brand & Creative, Nestle USA
  • Christine Guilfoyle, President, SeeHer