Public Opinion on the Covid-19 outbreak

In an uncertain world, data matters. Ipsos experts share the latest research and analysis related to the coronavirus pandemic, based on a multi-country poll.

Coronavirus | Covid-19 | Ipsos studyPlease bookmark this page for the very latest Ipsos research data exploring public opinion and expert insights related to the coronavirus pandemic. Together, this data shows the evolution of people tracking the coronavirus outbreak and worrying about the health epidemic that continues to worsen, before it gets better. These are the results of an Ipsos survey conducted on the Global Advisor online platform. For additional context on how these issues are impacting your organization, please reach out.

Latest Lebanon & MENA polls

April 16: COVID-19 MENA Consumer Sentiment Tracker

March 22: Analyzing Lebanese's Conversations in Times of COVID-19

March 18: COVID-19 Lebanon Consumer Sentiment Tracker

Latest global polls

April 16: More people say they’re wearing masks to protect themselves from COVID-19 since March. There’s been an increase in the number of people wearing masks in many countries.

April 14: Think seniors are most at risk? Women, younger people more likely to self-isolate amid COVID-19. Four in five women across 15 countries say they are in quarantine or self-isolation.

April 9: Increasing pessimism about ‘return to normal’ by June from COVID-19 crisis, shows poll - People in Japan, the U.K. and Australia are most negative about a recovery by June.

April 8: Most of us are staying home to stop spread of COVID-19, shows latest poll - The countries with the biggest increase in self-isolation are Russia, Vietnam and Australia.

April 3: Coronavirus pandemic: What are the psychological effects of self-isolation? Two in 5 people are impatient to get back to normal life, a third are anxious about their health.

April 1: More concerned for those vulnerable to COVID-19 than for their own health, poll shows. A silver lining: Majority believe pandemic will bring them closer to family and friends.

March 27: Job losses stack up: COVID-19 to hit hourly workers, smaller businesses hardest, say experts. More than half of people in a global poll feel a ‘high threat’ to their job from the pandemic.

March 25: Innovating in challenging times: Research during COVID-19

March 20: Medical crowdsourcing: What are Physicians communicating during COVID-19?

March 17: Majority of people want borders closed as fear about COVID-19 escalates

March 16: Coronavirus outbreak: What do cuts to growth forecasts, interest rates and stock markets plunges mean?

March 13: Impact of Coronavirus to new car purchase in China

March 3: Rising concern that the Coronavirus will have a personal financial impact and poses a high threat to their country

February 19: Coronavirus outbreak predicted to have an impact on financial markets and the global economy

February 12: Most say the Coronavirus is an on-going threat; only 1 in 5 see virus contained

Latest insights

March 13: Signals: Understanding the coronavirus crisis

March 13: Coronavirus & behaviour change: What does it mean for brands?

March 6: Social media data links the impact of Coronavirus epidemic and global economic fears

February 28: Monitor the online spread of the Coronavirus to understand its global impact

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