Creative Excellence helps advertisers to bring back the magic

Creative Excellence helps advertisers to bring back the magic by using research to inspire and empower creativity

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We are communication experts who combine art, science, and knowledge to help our clients achieve their business goals through creative excellence. We cover the entire creative development process to bring back the magic. We are enablers of great creative and are proud when our clients produce award winning and best-in-class advertising.

At Ipsos, we are the number one company world-wide in covering the entire creative development process, starting from the initial insight exploration to big idea assessment, early screening of territories, storyboards, to evaluation and qualification of the campaign ensuring the best ROI is delivered for the brand prior to airing, and finally the monitoring of its impact in-market.

MISFITS: How creativity in advertising sparks brand growth

Creativity is celebrated as the fuel of effective advertising, but it has a problem. It is an enigma of artistic work, with a range of definitions, and its pursuit invites uncertainty, with corporate boardrooms demanding certain, stable returns.

In MISFITS, Adam Sheridan highlights the tension and missed opportunity of harnessing creativity in advertising and explores what it means to the regular people it needs to influence. 

With this shared language in hand, he identifies its value to end advertising effects.  And he frames this language and value of creativity in the qualities of the MISFITS of popular culture.  The people who do not fit in and, in doing so, can harness creativity to deliver the best experience for their audiences.

Finally, Adam outlines considerations for marketers and agencies when developing advertising, knowing that the evidence confirms trusting in a MISFITS mindset to pursue the extraordinary has more business value than the safe and ordinary.

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Communicating in a crisis


According to economists, inflation will stay around for a couple of years in most parts of the world. Tune in to Ipsos’ new web series dedicated to investigating how brands communicate while the cost of living is becoming more challenging for many people.

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In this Getting it Right's podcast, Douwe and Chris discuss new thinking on Distinctive brand assets with Hazel Freeman, Global BHT Service Line Offer and Design Director at Ipsos, and Adam Sheridan, Global Head of Products and Innovation, Creative Excellence at Ipsos. To learn more about unlocking the power of distinctive brand assets read Adam’s paper on the topic.

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Our partnerships: Contagious and Effie

In the latest Creative Corner video Eleanor Thornton-Firkin, the UK’s Creative Excellence Service Line leader, is joined by special guests from Effie UK, NHS England and MullenLowe Group to explore Effie UK award winning work and how non-conformity drives effectiveness. Discussing some key learnings from the 2020 Effie UK report on bringing an idea to life, choosing the most effective channels for a campaign, as well as NHS England’s winning case study, the speakers share advice on the power of non-conformity.


In this Creative Corner video Shaun Dix - Ipsos' Creative Excellence Global Leader, Traci Alford  - CEO of Effie worldwide and Pedr Howard - Chief Strategy Officer at Ipsos in the U.S. discuss Creative Effectiveness in the context of the release of the Effie 2019 report and the announcement of the Effie 2020 winners. Listening to this video cast, you’ll learn about what makes an Effie gold winner. The speakers share their insights on the drivers of effective creativity and their personal take-aways and favourite ads.

Check out these 2020 Effie reports, powered by Ipsos: Effie UK report and Effie US report and find out more in the Creative Corner video below:

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