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Research shows Super Bowl far more effective advertising medium than other football games 88% of male viewers could remember the name of at least one of the advertisers in the Super Bowl while only 29% could remember an advertiser from Monday Night Football and 33% from the NFC Championship

CINCINNATI, February 6, 2002 - Last Sunday's Super Bowl game delivered one of the most exciting games in Super Bowl history, and a one-time television audience estimated at more than 130 million viewers.

But did the match between New England and St. Louis give advertisers what they were looking for: An audience who watched the ads and remembered them? Yes. Advertisements on the Super Bowl left a far more enduring impression with male viewers than advertisements on Monday Night Football or a football playoff game, says independent research firm Ipsos-ASI. For related research on the Super Bowl see: "White House Drug Policy Advertisements Score a Touchdown at Grabbing Attention"

Research conducted the day after the Super Bowl and after two previous football games with male TV viewers by Ipsos-ASI - a world leader in advertising research - shows that the Super Bowl delivered what it promised... and in a big way.

The Norwalk, CT.-based company - which has tested more than 40,000 commercials since it was founded in 1962 - found that the Super Bowl far exceeded the ability of other football games to deliver the hard-to-reach male audience.

"With Super Bowl ads costing close to $2 million for 30 seconds, and some specifically created for this game, we wanted to see whether the Super Bowl delivers a bigger, better and more attentive audience than any other game of the year," said David Brandt, Executive Vice-President for Ipsos-ASI in Cincinnati. "And the answer unequivocally is, yes it does."

For example, the company found that 45% of the audience reported to have watched all of the 56 paid ads in any given quarter during the Super Bowl compared with only 9% for the Monday Night Football and NFC Championship games.

Ipsos-ASI conducted interviews via the Internet with adult males the day after each of the three games, and found that:

  • 88% could remember the name of at least one of the advertisers in the Super Bowl while only 29% could remember an advertiser from Monday Night Football and 33% from the NFC Championship.
  • The average viewer could remember 3.2 advertisers on the Super Bowl compared to less than one for Monday Night Football and the NFC championship.
  • 32% claimed to have watched all the ads during the halftime show. Only 9% watched all the ads during halftime of the Monday Night Football game and 13% for the NFC Championship game.
  • Pepsi and Budweiser fared the best during the Super Bowl. Two-thirds of the audience could remember their advertising. By comparison, Budweiser (which had been the most well-remembered in the other two games tracked) had only about a 10% advertising recall the day after the Monday Night Football and the playoff games.

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Ipsos-ASI conducted Internet interviews with adult males on the night after each game. A total of 898 males were interviewed in the three waves: the Monday Night Football game between New Orleans and St. Louis; the NFC Championship game between St. Louis and Green Bay, and last Sunday's Super Bowl game between New England and St. Louis. The results for each game are considered accurate within +4.7 percentage points 9 times out of 10.

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