Public Opinion on the Covid-19 outbreak

In an uncertain world, data matters. Ipsos experts share the latest research and analysis related to the coronavirus pandemic, based on a multi-country poll.

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Please bookmark this page for the very latest Ipsos research data exploring public opinion and expert insights related to the coronavirus pandemic. Together, this data shows the evolution of people tracking the coronavirus outbreak and worrying about the health epidemic that continues to worsen, before it gets better. These are the results of an Ipsos survey conducted on the Global Advisor online platform. For additional context on how these issues are impacting your organisation, please reach out.

June 4: Signals #7: Understanding the coronavirus crisis

June 3: Customer needs in times of crisis

June 3: More think opening businesses puts too many people at risk of COVID-19 and we need to wait

May 27: Preparing for the future of the operating room: Robotics

May 21: Urban Indians treading with utmost caution amid corona virus pandemic – Only 1 in 2 comfortable about returning to workplace; majority will defer letting kids resume school.

May 20: Consumer Confidence freefalls by 8.9 percentage points in May 2020: Refinitiv-Ipsos monthly India Primary Consumer Sentiment Index - Consumer sentiment is down for jobs and economy; bottoms out for personal finances & investment for future.

May 20: Signals #6: Understanding the Coronavirus Crisis

May 14: Forecasting in challenging times

May 1340% Urban Indian Purchase Intenders more likely to buy a new or a used car - happy tidings for automotive industry reeling under slowdown & shutdown: Ipsos COVID 19 Impact on Auto Global Study. The automotive industry has been witnessing a roller coaster ride; first it was impacted by the global economic slowdown, and then the shutdown due to the COVID-19 crisis. But going by the findings of the new Ipsos Global Study, the pall of gloom is likely to be lifted.

May 7: Signals #5: Understanding the coronavirus crisis

May 7: The Forces of Customer Experience

May 6: 87% urban Indians give high ratings to the Modi govt on its handling of COVID-19 crisis: Ipsos 13-nation COVID 19 Global Survey. In hard hit nations, govt’s performance falls short of expectation in handling.

May 5: Keeping the Show on the Road

May 2COVID19 has emerged top-most worry of Urban Indians in April 2020: What Worries the World Global Survey. Unemployment, Financial/ Political Corruption, Crime & Violence and Poverty & Social Inequality are the other worries. India bucks global trend of pessimism – 65% Indians say country headed in right direction; 54% global citizens feel their country is on the wrong track.

April 29Paradox of Indians – Over half (51%) favor opening of economy and businesses, irrespective of full containment of COVID-19; 78% Indians (highest globally) nervous of leaving their homes for travel and work. People globally are divided over whether the economy should open if COVID-19 is not fully contained; hard hit, Italy and China support reopening.

April 23: Signals #4: Understanding the coronavirus crisis

April 23Climate Change could burgeon into Covid-19 like crisis, warn most urban Indians: Ipsos Earth Day 2020 Global Survey. Urban Indians favor green economic recovery from Covid-19

April 22: Brand rituals in a low-touch world

April 21: 3 in 4 Indians wearing masks to protect themselves from COVID-19. Highest surge in mask adoption seen for Vietnam, China, Italy, Japan and India

April 21: 3 in 5 Indians expect quick recovery of economy post ending of lockdown. Vietnam, China and India, most optimistic of early economic recovery; Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Japan and Canada most pessimistic of early economic recovery.

April 20: Majority of Indians want the lockdown to be extended. Weekly morale boosting activities should be the norm, (like clapping & lighting of diyas, introduced by the PM), say most

April 17: Innovating in Challenging Times – Issue 2

April 15: Awareness of an imminent threat. An analysis of social conversations on coronavirus in India - By Geeta Lobo

April 9: Signals #3: Understanding the coronavirus crisis

April 9: Staying close to your customers

April 9: Increasing pessimism about ‘return to normal’ by June from COVID-19 crisis, shows poll

April 8: Brand growth in times of crisis

April 8: Most of us are staying home to stop spread of COVID-19, shows latest poll

April 6: 1 in 2 Indians fear for the Weak & Vulnerable, over their own health. 1 in 3 urban Indians are anxious 74% urban Indians will learn a new skill; 72% will become closer to family & friends

April 3: Coronavirus pandemic: What are the psychological effects of self-isolation?

April 1: More concerned for those vulnerable to COVID-19 than for their own health, poll shows

March 31: A rapidly changing landscape: Social media discussions of COVID-19

March 27: Job losses stack up: COVID-19 to hit hourly workers, smaller businesses hardest, say experts

March 27: Public divided on whether isolation, travel bans prevent COVID-19 spread

March 26: COVID-19: The Creative Fightback

March 26: Signals #2: Understanding the coronavirus crisis

March 25: Majority of people (including Indians) want borders closed as fear about COVID-19 escalates: Ipsos Global Survey

March 23: The psychology of an epidemic in India

March 17: A vague sense of foreboding in India

March 17: Majority of people want borders closed as fear about COVID-19 escalates

March 16: Coronavirus outbreak: What do cuts to growth forecasts, interest rates and stock markets plunges mean?

March 13: Signals: Understanding the coronavirus crisis

March 13: Coronavirus & behaviour change: What does it mean for brands?

March 6: Social media data links the impact of Coronavirus epidemic and global economic fears

March 3: Rising concern that the Coronavirus will have a personal financial impact and poses a high threat to their country

February 28: Monitor the online spread of the Coronavirus to understand its global impact

February 19: Coronavirus outbreak predicted to have an impact on financial markets and the global economy

February 12: Most say the Coronavirus is an on-going threat; only 1 in 5 see virus contained