[ Webinar ] KEYS - Emotions around the world

The next episode in our KEYS webinar series is all about getting closer to how we all feel – as citizens, consumers or customers. Are emotions universal? How do we measure them? And what are the differences – and similarities - across countries?

We’ll be drawing on new scientific research by Ipsos and reflecting on real-world examples showing how great communications and marketing can harness the power of our emotions. We do hope you will be able to join us.
Keys | On the agendaA Cross-cultural Framework for Emotion Measurement

Building on insights gleaned from decades of research in cognitive science and neuroscience, we share a new approach, developed by Ipsos and our academic partners, designed to help us capture emotional responses across diverse cultures and languages. 

Emotional Advertising

Saying something different and showcasing a distinctive experience are at the heart of many impactful campaigns. We go in search of how to create those truly meaningful connections with audiences, drawing on recent success stories and reflecting on what we learned from this year’s Super Bowl advertising.

Empathetic Marketing

Aligning brands with consumer aspirations and challenges is a perennial challenge. We explore how brands can acknowledge and appeal to the role emotions play in the consumer decision-making process.

The sessions include a Q&A with our presenters.

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Speakers :

  • Simon Atkinson | Ipsos

    Simon Atkinson, Chief Knowledge Officer, Ipsos Knowledge Centre

  • Ipsos | Manuel Garcia

    Manuel Garcia-Garcia, PhD, Global Head of Neuroscience, Global Science Organisation

  • Jillian Rice

    Jillian Rice, Vice President, Creative Excellence, Ipsos in the US

  • Gillian Drewett | Ipsos

    Gillian Drewett, Global Head of Offer, Brand Health Tracking, Ipsos