The power of Payer insights tracking in times of turbulence and market disruption [Webinar recording]

The Power of Payer Insights Tracking | Ipsos | Healthcare

Thank you for your interest in our global webinar hosted on April 1, 2020. Though you missed our live presentation, we are delighted to provide you with the recording of this informative session you can view on demand at your leisure.

Access the recording: The power of Payer insights tracking in times of turbulence and market disruption.

What are some of the biggest areas of turbulence and market disruption a company can face? And how do these circumstances create particular challenges with Payers – a critical stakeholder on the road to product commercialization?

Ipsos’ research has identified six of the biggest Payer challenges for the future. And our Market Access team has prepared a plan and a case for why tracking Payers insights – a largely missed opportunity thus far in traditional tracking – should be an especially important consideration in challenging situations.

While ATU studies are successful in capturing a high-level overview of a market or category at a point in time, providing essential information to a brand, what’s been missing in the picture is the Payer and Market Access dimension. Imagine tracking a view of how Payer perceptions, requirements and decision criteria change over time, as a result of changes in the environment as well as your company’s actions and its Payer-focused communications? In tomorrow’s world, this tracking of Payers insights, other Market Access-relevant stakeholders, and commercial success factors, is critical.

Watch our on-demand webinar to explore the biggest future Payer challenges and look at how traditional ATUs can be complemented by a more dynamic approach to tracking, one which encompasses Payers in addition to HCPs and therapy monitoring.

  • Learn the five factors by which Payer perceptions can be tracked in this dynamic approach
  • Understand how Payer insights tracking can be complementary to HCP/brand-focused ATU approaches – yet smarter and more evolved, by looking at the past, present – and future
  • Explore case studies of what Payer insights tracking can address, including use cases on tracking perceptions of the arrival of biosimilars and also of a company’s reputation

Glean these valuable learnings on the power of Payer insights tracking by watching our webinar recording!

To take you further along on your journey, our presenters and experts, Chris Teale and Alejandro Roldan-Gomendio, would be delighted to discuss how we can help you with your Payer strategies.


Speakers :

  • Chris Teale, Senior Vice President, Great Britain, Market Access

  • Alejandro Roldan-Gomendio, Senior Consultant, Market Access, Ipsos