[EVENT] Future Forum Conference

The art of government has faced few changes so existentially significant as the current wave of technological disruption. While the evolution of the state has been gradual but consistent, the development and implications of new technologies in the digital age have been both abrupt and radical. With declining public trust, changing citizen expectations, rising discontent and new threats to the existing state of affairs, the risk of government complacency is steadily increasing. As disruptive technologies shake up the status quo and for all the risks and rewards that will come with this, these technologies also provide new solutions and novel opportunities for improving and enhancing government.

With technologies advancing more quickly than ever, the future has never been closer. It remains an open question as to whether government will merely survive this period of disruption or has the capacity to thrive in emerging conditions. The IOG’s Future Forum conference continues where our Digital Governance Forum left off, bringing together thought leaders from around the world to discuss how government can mitigate risks and take advantage of the opportunities coming with the new industrial revolution.

Don't miss your opportunity to hear Ipsos' Mike Colledge discuss Policy Co-Creation and Shared Delivery: Is it Possible or Problematic? Openness permits the use of new tool in governing, including the distribution of government functions beyond the formal public administration and the co-creation of policy with stakeholders themselves. This serves to blur the lines between the state and the society which is serves, making a broader understanding of the policy community and world of policy stakeholders a key function of state and society as government continues to strive for more openness and continuous improvement. This panel focuses on examples of co-creation and co-operative service delivery with an eye for the challenges and benefits that come along with them.

Mike will address key questions: What are the biggest challenges to co-creation and shared delivery? How can a balance be struck between upholding the public interest and optimizing policies for agility? What are the biggest opportunity areas for distributed governance?
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Speakers :

  • Mike Colledge, Public Affairs, Canada

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