[Webinar] KEYS - The worry and the wonder of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is occupying the minds of businesses, governments and citizens around the world.

Although not as new as it is sometimes made out to be, its impact has grown dramatically in recent years, driven by the growth of computing power and the use of vast amounts of data to train the computers.

Our latest survey of corporate communications professionals finds 87% saying AI “will fundamentally transform the way our business operates”.

The next episode of our KEYS webinar series finds us in reflective mode. We’ll be reviewing recent experiences, sharing new research and setting out key questions to keep in mind as we all explore the wonder – and the worry – of AI.

Keys | On the agenda

People and AI:

what is the story so far in terms of how the public view the use (and potential misuse) of AI in their everyday lives? We present findings from a new international Ipsos survey.

Customer Experience and AI:

 we share new research showing how AI, combined with human intelligence, can create exceptional customer experiences that drive loyalty and growth. 

Innovating with AI:

we show how AI is driving a more efficient and consumer-centric innovation cycle, opening up new opportunities and changing the role of insight managers in the process. 

Advertising and AI:

as we pursue productivity gains in the production and research process, are we risking the value of the creativity that can drive ad effectiveness? Our new analysis is based on a dataset comprising 18,000 advertisements. 

The sessions include a Q&A with our presenters.

We do hope you will be able to join us.

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Speakers :

  • Simon Atkinson | Ipsos

    Simon Atkinson, Chief Knowledge Officer, Ipsos Knowledge Centre

  • Stephanie Bannos-Ryback

    Stephanie Bannos-Ryback , EVP, Customer Experience, Ipsos in the US

  • Jiongming Mu

    Jiongming Mu, Global Innovation Solutions Lead, Ipsos

  • Adam Sheridan - Global Head of Products and Innovation, Creative Excellence

    Adam Sheridan, Global Head of Products and Innovation, Creative Excellence

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