[EVENT] The power of curation to innovate for changing landscape of beauty in a post-pandemic world

Insights festival 2021 - ESOMAR

Radhecka Roy, Global Service Leader, Strategic Curation, and her client at L’Oréal have been selected to present at ESOMAR Congress Insights Festival 2021!

Consumer Centricity Powered By Curation And Crossovers

Innovation Un-Paused - Case study

The power of curation to innovate for changing landscape of beauty in a post-pandemic world

In a pandemic-stricken world where many things slowed down or paused, a story of Innovation Unpaused, Accelerated!

Beauty and its definition is constantly evolving, the pandemic will further impact how Beauty industry responds to the changing paradigm. Aging, Gender dialogue and health & well-being have emerged as the fast growth business opportunities for Beauty industry. L’Oréal invests a lot in consumer understanding and a plethora of resources existed in terms of various studies done around aging & beauty needs – lab studies, longitudinal consumer behaviour, emotional understanding, usage and attitudes… there was a need to understand how all this pulls together.

This case study unfolds like a 3-Act Play – and provides useful guidance for all marketers in terms of Innovating for new context with the same information and insights.

Act 1: Happy Ending? Not Yet!

Ipsos decided to use the practice of Curation to synthesize from all above available sources, without any primary research. The outcome was a rich bounty of Innovation Territories with sharp technical brief and yielding over 54 product ideas. A video capturing these key take-outs further helped socialize the insights to enable activation planning. It looked like a happy ending to a successful study.

Act 2: The Revisit & Pivot

The pandemic stopped the teams in their tracks, raising questions about the relevance and even validity of the insights in a forever-transformed world. Was Curation enough? Would we need to speak to consumers afresh to assess the fundamental needs and innovation opportunities we had uncovered? The teams decided to revisit their Insights with fresh insights from the Cultural Transferability study that Ipsos conducted to understand femininity, beauty and aging through the lens of Culture. And we learned 2 very important ways to make our insights contextual again:

  • culture becomes even more important in a crisis and
  • Curation allows us to access Culture the best in an integrated, empirical and unique way.

Act 3: Going Back to Move Forward

Diving into the Culture of 3 key markets (US, France, China) allowed us to build a robust analysis of what had changed vs what was still relevant, what we could learn from culture to drive Innovation for the new, changed contexts, how we continued to innovate even in a pandemic. It makes Curation a compelling tool in times of pandemic and restricted access – a tool that helps us

  • not just explore but discover, create and activate
  • innovate with same information for changed contexts.


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Radhecka's paper is on the power of Curation, Cultural Transferability and how this helped Innovation around Aging.

Speakers :

  • Radhecka Roy | Ipsos

    Radhecka Roy, Global Service Leader, Strategic Curation, Ipsos UU

  • Anupama Wagh-Koppar, L'Oreal, Japan

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