Ipsos Update - July 2016

This is the July edition of Ipsos Update, a selection of research and thinking from Ipsos teams around the world.

This month, we return to African Youth, with part 2 of our study looking at internet usage, attitudes towards brands and optimism about the future.

Oliver Sweet provides a guided tour of Ethnography – a powerful technique which can get us to a much deeper understanding of culture and behaviour when used in the right way.

Our briefing on Russia illustrates how the country has changed since the turn of the century, presenting a series of social and economic trends.

We analyse the essentials of effective communications in today’s digital age, looking at what makes a successful advertising campaign and how the power of social media “influencers”can be used to harness the potential of brands. And we explore some of the challenges involved in measuring audience behaviour and how we are having to adapt the tools of our trade.

Meanwhile, our reputation experts set out their analysis of what needs to be in place in order for corporate sustainability programmes to be successful.

Finally, with the UK’s Brexit referendum still fresh in the mind, we look ahead to more“Disruptive Elections”, with new analysis of the social and political environment in France and the United States.