[WEBINAR] 2021 US Affluent Outlook: Research & Insights

It’s a new year with a new President, but many of the challenges the U.S. faced in 2020 still linger. Ipsos recently spoke to Affluent Americans about their personal outlook for 2021, their upcoming investment plans and expectations for financial growth. In addition, we asked them how they feel the country will fare in the coming months and which issues are most pressing.

Join us for a complimentary webinar to hear Tony Incalcatera (Chief Research Officer of Ipsos Affluent Intelligence) and Dorothy Advincula (SVP and Head of U.S. Audience Measurement) discuss these important findings from the 8th Annual Affluent Outlook Report.

Why attend? Holding almost three-quarters of the entire net worth of the U.S. and spending 2.5 times what non-Affluents spend, Affluents are key to a recovery from the negative impact COVID has had on our economy.

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Speakers :

  • Tony Incalcatera, Audience Measurement, Affluent Survey, US

  • Dorothy Advincula, Senior Vice President, Media Development, US

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