[WEBINAR] Move Over Millennials: Meet the Next Generation

Move over millennials! The next generation has arrived, and these socially and politically conscious citizens born after 1996 are changing everything.

Marketers know they’re important, but find them hard to pin down. They can’t even agree on a name, whether it’s Gen Z, iGen, or post-millennials. View our on demand webinar featuring Ipsos experts who will share recent behavioral insights offering perspective on what brands should be preparing for today.

Joining us live in-studio were a group of Gen Zers from our panel, who answered questions live, providing an engaging and interactive exploration of what matters to them.

Speakers :

  • Janet Oak, SVP, Deputy Head of Media Development, US

  • Kristy Click, Ipsos Marketing, US

  • Andrea Greaves, Ipsos UU, US

Consumer & Shopper