Truth & Trust: Insights for your brand [Webinar recording]

Consumers no longer expect brands to merely market their products, but also to provide reliable and accurate information, take a stance on social issues, and make a positive contribution to society and the community. At the same time, people are increasingly concerned about the spread of fake news, which impacts their perception of media channels, social media platforms and brands. How can brands maintain and even earn more trust with their customers in this complicated landscape? Especially as consumers demand brands take more of a role not just in a “purpose-driven” way but an evolved way that includes supporting roles for the consumers themselves and a host of social issues.

Revisit our recorded webinar exploring why Trust is essential for business success, and how to build Trust in your brand management. During this webinar you will learn that focusing merely on brand purpose is no longer relevant for consumers, and that the roles of corporates and brands are evolving in the eyes of consumers.

View the recording now, and then download our latest paper to read more about this topic: The post-Purpose Role for Brands.

Speakers :

  • Emmanuel Probst, SVP, Brand Health Tracking and Creative Excellence, US

  • Jason McGrath, SVP, Corporate Reputation, US

  • Rachel Rodgers, Creative Excellence, US

  • Hanieh Toossi, Account Manager, Canada

Consumer & Shopper