[Webinar] Unlocking the value of reputation

Ipsos | Unlocking the value of reputation

Ipsos research shows conclusive proof in the relationship between corporate reputation and business efficiency. Building trust gives companies an advantage in telling their story in times of crisis, marketing their products efficiently, and turning stakeholders into advocates. Drawing on new data from our latest 24-country Global Reputation Monitor, Ipsos' Corporate Reputation experts, Trent Ross and Matthew Painter will explore the relationship between a good reputation and better business efficiency, including:

  • The significance of reputation as a valuable asset, providing resilience during times of crisis
  • The differences between future and present value, and how reputation impacts your business today
  • Ipsos' pioneering marketing efficiency index, enabling cross-company and cross-market analysis.
  • Leveraging reputation to strengthen relationships with stakeholders, regulators, partners, media, and consumers
  • Trust-building tactics to effectively market your products and turn stakeholders into loyal advocates.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, a strong reputation can be the differentiating factor that drives your business towards sustainable success. Please RSVP to join us.

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Speakers :

  • Trent Ross | Ipsos

    Trent Ross, Executive Vice President, Corporate Reputation, Ipsos

  • Ipsos | Matthew Painter

    Matthew Painter, Director at Ipsos Corporate Reputation