[EVENT] CRC Insights Leadership Symposium

Ipsos is pleased to be participating in the CRC’s AI-focused conference exclusively designed for market research professionals. Among the expert speakers sharing guidance and insight will be Ipsos’ Menaka Gopinath who is co-presenting with Raul Ponce from Coca Cola on Bringing Consumer Occasions to Life via Social Data.

Life is made up of occasions. It’s particularly important to remember that when adopting a more consumer-centric approach. And it’s essential to consider the consumer perspective. In today’s complex and dynamic market, it's impossible to capture growth opportunities without it.

How are the consumers themselves perceiving, using, and organizing brands, products, and categories?

Rather than viewing markets through the lens of traditional classifications, social data allows us to uncover multi-dimensional and nuanced consumer viewpoints that currently drive trends and behaviors.

In this presentation, Menaka and Raul will discuss how leveraging social data has helped bring sharper focus to the beverage market, including allowing Coca-Cola to better understand and act on key drinking moments for retail activation.

For more conference details, please visit the CRC website.

Speakers :

  • Menaka Gopinath, Ipsos UU, US

Media & Brand Communication