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On Wednesday 26, come and meet Sandro Kaulartz, Chief Research Officer from our Social Intelligence Analytics team, and James Sallows,  GSK's Global Marketing Excellence - Insights & Analytics on the following topic:

Decoding the User Innovation DNA using Semantic AI

In today’s new and volatile business era, successful innovations are essential. Still, Mark Payne’s analysis of innovations in the 21st century "How to Kill a Unicorn" states that 90% of innovations fail. Innovation research has long shown that ‘lead user’ customers, not producers, are the real pioneers who create many radically new products and services. Ipsos in partnership with the MIT Innovation Lab developed a Semantic AI based method. We utilize the entire category user generated content universe to mine user innovations and deep-dive into motivations and unmet needs. Beyond the identification of user innovations,  social, search and behavioral data is used to predict which trends, ideas and innovations are on a strong growth trajectory and take the guesswork out of the innovation process. During our presentation we will introduce the academic foundation as well as a case study that was developed in partnership with GSK to discover novel innovation territories in the cold & flu domain.

Read Kaulartz's article: Why Intelligence Machines will be the Key to Human-Centered Innovation

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Speakers :

  • Sandro Kaulartz, Chief Research Officer, Social Intelligence & Analytics
    Sandro is part of the global Social Intelligence Analytics (SIA) team at Ipsos. In his current role as Chief Research Officer he is in charge of method development initiatives coupling AI, Machine Learning and analytic frameworks with user generated data. His true passion is the intersection between science and technology applied to the market research practice.

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