[EVENT] Neuromarketing World Forum (NMWF)

Why do people buy? What moves them and makes them click? Learn everything about consumer decision making and the brain at the most innovative international event on consumer insights.

On April 2, come and meet Ipsos' Manuel Garcia-Garcia at 4.25 on the following topic:

Empirical evidence towards a new model of Dynamic Decision-Making

  • The inadequacy of current Dual Process theories 
  • How Ipsos partnered with academic experts to develop an adaptive decision-making model that adopt a more holistic view on decision making
  • Presentation of a new database with emotional stimuli to deepen the understanding of neuroscience & biometric responses in the decision making 

To learn more about this conference, please visit the NMWF website.

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Speakers :

  • Manuel Garcia-Garcia, PhD, Global Lead Neuroscience, Global Science Organization

  • Ornella Godard, Global Neuroscience Director, France

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