[EVENT] Viva Technology 2018

Anyone can find big data, I need to understand the person behind the data

In the era of big data, it is first the power of consumers that has increased. Changing, demanding, suspicious, informed, connected, influenced or influential ... Consumers seem more and more elusive, unpredictable, even contradictory. Under the effect of the digitalization of society, new uses appear on screens and in real life, new human and social interactions are established. From the web to mobile applications, they generate more data than they have digital uses, and these uses are multiplied especially as these data grow.
Total Understanding. This is the ambition of Ipsos, aiming to better support companies in the knowledge of markets and consumers. An ambition that relies on digital disruption and the extension of observation domains, and aims to improve the fineness of analyzes.

We want to be able to control any source of information, using any relevant technology

Didier Truchot, President of Ipsos, on stage at the 2017 edition of Viva Technology, of which Ipsos was already a partner

Faced with this extension of the field of computing, Ipsos focuses on increased human intelligence and invites you to discover on our space (M24) how to acquire from a clever marriage between metadata, behavioural sciences, social sciences and neurosciences a better understanding of individuals.

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