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Flair Brazil celebrates its 10th edition!

Our latest Flair Brazil report continues its deep dive on the social, economic and political factors shaping the direction of the country, along with the challenges and opportunities they bring.

An introduction to Flair Brazil 2024: Nostalgia or perspectives

There is much opportunity to be found in Brazil. We need to go beyond metrics and delve deeper to understand individuals and society. And it is with this aim that we present Flair Brazil 2024.

Inflation vs. porfolio: The brand vacuum

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw inflation rise around the world as companies reduced their production capacity in the face of uncertainty caused by an abrupt drop in demand. Since then, new challenges have arisen in the face of the rapid renewal of consumption and the return to "normal…

Brands and social purpose in a politically divided time

Is it possible to support causes without upsetting consumers?

Digital extremism: How algorithms feed the politics polarisation

In the 2018 presidential election, we saw political polarisation reach unprecedented heights in Brazil. We witnessed clashes in the streets, within families, in WhatsApp groups and, above all, on social media.

The importance of female representation in Brazil

In order to talk about the representation of women in institutions and companies, we have to talk about gender and, above all, about the leadership positions occupied by women.


The direction Brazil will take in 2024 appears uncertain, with nostalgia and perception playing significant roles.

An introduction to Flair France 2023: The era of polycrisis?

In a world of crises, brands must prioritize empathy, security and social/environmental responsibility. Understanding evolving views of globalization and capitalizing on the trend towards national and local brands are key strategies for success, while empathy and understanding consumer behavior…