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Indonesia’s automotive sector is a growing and increasingly strategic industry. However, despite government promotions of electric vehicles, high costs and lack of infrastructure remain significant barriers.


Indonesians are increasingly concerned about climate change and its impact on their lives, recognising the intersectionality of environmental issues with poverty, health, and education. The country faces challenges from rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and pollution, impacting livelihoods…

From committed to engaging brands

Brands are moving from performative activism to actively engaging with causes their customers care about. This shift ensures genuine impact, avoids "washing" accusations, and builds trust by aligning with consumer values and providing tangible results.

Tough times for food and beverage premium brands

National food brands are struggling due to inflation, losing market share to cheaper private labels. Consumers question their value proposition and transparency, while retailers have become more vocal. National brands need to justify their prices, rebuild trust, and communicate effectively to stay…

The 2023 Rugby World Cup in France: empathetic sports sponsorships

Last year’s Rugby World Cup saw brands leveraging sponsorship opportunities, with most sticking to traditional themes. However, Volvic's campaign featuring Antoine Dupont in a nature setting, emphasizing personal connection and values, stood out, highlighting a potential shift towards more…

Esports boom

Esports has exploded in popularity, especially among young males, attracting major sponsors like Orange and Michelin. Teams, often backed by venture capital and led by influencers, rely heavily on sponsorships for revenue. Women's esports are also growing, with support from brands like Aldi.…

Fast fashion or second-hand luxury?

Second-hand luxury is booming in France, driven by affordability and sustainability. French consumers, particularly women, are embracing pre-owned luxury goods, making high-end items more accessible and appealing.

An introduction to Flair Chile 2023: A historic year?

Discover the first edition of Flair Chile 2023: Navigating new global disorder amidst tremendous challenges.

Global view of Chile

Chile stands out as the country where the world ends. Those who have not had the opportunity to visit can get to know Chile through documentaries or films, books, the internet and, of course, talking to Chileans.

Gen Z: A snowflake generation?

Through the lens of adulthood: the unfair labeling of the young 'Crystal' or 'Snowflake' Generation.