Flair Collection

An introduction to Flair Brazil 2023: What Brazilians think

In 2023, after almost a decade, Brazil is once again looking to its future.


What will be in our pockets in 2023 and how can brands respond?

Parallel conversations

Encounters around indentity and choice

Afro-Brazilian culture

From cancelled to rescue, to appropriation

Brands without identity

Should we be who they want us to be or should we be who we want to be?

The diversity of beauty in Brazil

The word “beauty” has been redefined frequently over the years. Society has always held an ideal of beauty that, in the West, is based on a Eurocentric image, synonymous with status, power and perfection.

Is 60 the new 40?

Our paper Two years on: Lessons from Covid times, looks at what we learned during the pandemic, including increasing in inequality, rising concern of mental health, and a further decline in the birth rate.


Brazil must embrace its diversity as it heads into the future.

Flair Indonesia 2022 - Connecting The Dots

Ipsos in Indonesia proudly released Connecting The Dots – an Ipsos Flair 2022 edition that reflects how Indonesia emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic, how Indonesia anticipated inflation & the energy crisis, and how digitalization and local brands dominated Indonesian consumer preferences.


On 17 March 2020, we entered uncharted territory, as anti-Covid-19 measured were announced. What followed was like something of another age or of a bizarre planet from a science fiction novel that no publisher would have published: pandemic, lockdowns, curfews, social distancing, vaccine passes,…