Ipsos’ ideas and concepts testing solution - InnoTest is now available on Ipsos.Digital Platform in seven countries

Ipsos announces that InnoTest, the ideas and concepts testing solution offering enhanced data discrimination and maximum predictability of innovation success, is now available on the Ipsos.Digital DIY platform in seven countries.

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  • Jiongming Mu Global Head of Innovation Testing and Forecasting, Innovation, Canada
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InnoTest is live in Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and the US, and globally through Ipsos account teams. A total of 15 countries are planned for deployment on the platform by the end of 2020.

InnoTest uses a gamified test design that mimics the fast and intuitive decisions consumers make in today’s digital world. The solution asks consumers to make a product choice as they would do in real-life shopping and measures their response time to detect conviction or hesitation. In addition, machine learning is used to understand consumers’ emotions associated with the choice they made.

Complementing the geographic expansion, a range of new options have been introduced, to best meet clients’ business requirements. Helping clients further differentiate and enhance their concepts and products, new modules have been developed to understand the innovation potential to generate incremental sales to the client’s portfolio, along with the sources of volume, as well as a concept-optimization module. Enhanced flexibility at the survey set-up gives clients risk-adapted options between cost efficiency and robustness.

“We are thrilled about InnoTest’s expansion since its deployment in July 2019. Its enhanced data discrimination and predictive capabilities have proven instrumental to assess innovation success” said Virginia Weil, Ipsos’ President of Global Innovation.

Andrei Postoaca, CEO Ipsos.Digital stated “the launch of InnoTest is an important step in our commitment to make our core products and solutions available in a DIY mode on Ipsos.Digital. Clients can now launch a study and get results in hours if needed”.

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The author(s)

  • Jiongming Mu Global Head of Innovation Testing and Forecasting, Innovation, Canada

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