Life In Kazakhstan 2013

An Ipsos poll commissioned by Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs shows strong support among Kazakh citizens for the general direction of policy in this energy-rich Central Asian country.

From a nation-wide sample of respondents the majority (86%) said they felt positive about life in Kazakhstan in general. In terms of perceptions of the country’s economy, 70% of the sample said they felt “positive” whilst a further 81% saw Kazakhstan as a better place to live compared with ten years ago. The majority of respondents (80%) were optimistic about the future of their country. This optimism was also reflected in their attitude to life for the next generation with 77% agreeing that their childrens’ generation will have more opportunities than their own.

Research was carried out using a face-to-face pen & paper methodology across a nationally representative sample of 1,000 respondents aged 18 and over. The fieldwork was carried out between 27th September to 16th October 2013. Results were weighted to ensure the sample was representative for this profile.