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Reports of the death of the physical store are easy to find. But they are greatly exaggerated. The latest Ipsos data illustrates vividly how consumers continue to spend significant proportions of their shopping time in-store. In many ways we see the role of the physical store expanding, rather than contracting.

Meanwhile, shoppers now have extensive exposure to the digital commercial channels available to them, whether via online marketplaces or through retailer and brand websites. And, when they have made their purchase, they often go on to collect their goods digitally at their local store.

Today’s convergent commerce environment sees the integration of online and in-store experiences that allow shoppers to buy from anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

In this episode, which coincides with the seasonal shopping season in many parts of the world, we reflect on the dynamics of our changing consumer landscapes.

On the agenda:

Embrace the Convergence
Consumers now have their own commerce ecosystems of default go-to brands, retailers, channels and touchpoints. We consider how best to connect with them, bringing empathy and emotion to their shopping experiences.

The latest from China
New delivery mechanisms are boosting the number of transactions taking place online and bringing new categories into the mix. We review the latest developments in the Chinese market, including an up-to-the-minute look back at this year’s “Double 11” events.

The Retail Conversation
Rising prices present an unwelcome new set of challenges for people and businesses around the world. We share the findings from a new multi-country survey and analysis of millions of social media conversations to explore what people are telling us about their shopping experiences.

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Speakers :

  • Jennifer Hubber | Ipsos

    Jennifer Hubber, Chief Client Officer, Head of Ipsos Global Client Organisation

  • Simon Atkinson | Ipsos

    Simon Atkinson, Chief Knowledge Officer, Ipsos Knowledge Centre

  • Alison Chaltas | Ipsos

    Alison Chaltas, Global President, Path to Purchase, Ipsos

  • Patrick Xiang - Marketing Director, Ipsos in China

    Patrick Xiang, Marketing Director, Ipsos in China

  • Allen Bonde - Chief Marketing Officer, SIA & Synthesio

    Allen Bonde, Chief Marketing Officer, SIA & Synthesio

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