Consumer & Retail Audit

Our consumer and retail audit services are twofold, covering both syndicated consumer & retail panels and customised continuous retail audit projects.

What for?

Ipsos delivers innovative solutions for greater marketing and sales efficiency:

Retail execution consultancy and measurement

Retail Execution Measurement consists in auditing retail and on premise stores for product availability, positioning and checking quality and compliance of merchandising standards such as POP materials, promotions, displays etc.

Census studies and retail panels

Ipsos implements new retail panel approaches in developing countries where traditional stores make up the majority of the trade depending on client needs and category features.

Household and integrated panels

Ipsos brings new approach to prevalent household panel methodology by also covering out of home market to meet the need for 360® insight for categories where out of home consumption is high, beverages, confectionery and tobacco.

Out of home consumption tracking

Data collection from on premıse sales poınts allows capturıng unıque ınsıghts and offers a more complete pıcture of the total market.

How it works?

Leveraging on solid experience of leading Market Measurement projects globally, our Ipsos center of excellence provides:

  • RFQ management
  • Pricing
  • Technical and Operational Systems and Field Set-up
  • Field Tracking and Quality Management Systems  
  • Data Processing and Report Delivery through Online Portal

Why our solution is unique?

Ipsos has a solid Market Measurement experience which has been initiated in Turkey for many years on different types of panel studies. This experience, combined with strong research expertise and powerful analysis, has expanded in all Ipsos countries around the world.

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