Envisioning the future of user experiences

Good UX practice can positively impact customer acquisition, retention, and engagement. Take a peek behind the curtain at the Ipsos approach to UX and how we ensure our clients deliver business results with great UX.

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  • Damian Rees UX Director, Europe
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Ipsos | Envisioning the future of user experiences


How Ipsos helps businesses create transformative experiences

A user experience (UX) comprises everything a person experiences and feels before, during, and after using a product, system or service. Ipsos helps clients create transformative experiences by keeping users at the heart of the design process. 

We are a team of researchers, design thinkers, developers and artists constantly thinking about the human experience. Over the years, we have helped our clients create their first ecommerce experiences, their first mobile apps, their first digital medicines, and their first AI-driven support chatbots. 

Our experts are proud to be working with the internal UX teams at some of the top five tech companies to lead their global experience strategy.  We’re also working with the top companies across social media, fintech, ecommerce, healthcare, automotive, and government.


Understanding the Landscape: A 360° View of the Metaverse & Web3

In order to support brands and companies as they develop or evolve their strategies pertaining to Web3, Ipsos shares a 360° view of this emerging landscape and explores three key components:

  1. Technology and user experience
  2. Current awareness, behaviors, and expectations
  3. The broader context for how Web3 can find its place in an evolving world

Each of these can contribute to determining and defining the best formula to create a unique and authentic experience for your brand and audience.

A Metaverse Users Want

Katelyn Faulks and Jason Rogers, Senior UX Researchers at Ipsos, interviewed virtual reality (VR) users from a wide range of backgrounds about their experiences with metaverse platforms, the shortcomings they’ve encountered, and the innovations they’re most excited for.

In "What Metaverse Users Want", Faulks and Rogers shared key learnings from these conversations and considered what they mean for the future of "extended reality.”

Does your online shopping experience deliver?

View our on-demand webinar to hear the results of our study using Ipsos’ proprietary UX Score metric to evaluate purchasing apps including a deep dive into grocery and apparel e-commerce user experience.

We compare major brands including Kroger, Whole Foods and Instacart, as well as omni-channel retail brands Macy’s, Lululemon and Gap to show how their apps stack up.

User eXperience (UX): what makes the difference between success or failure?

User Experience is not a new discipline, it’s currently a fast growing field and there is more and more evidence showing how good UX practice can positively impact customer acquisition, retention, and engagement.

We will take you through 7 critical aspects of UX and empower you with real-life cases of UX successes and failures from different industries.

Charting a Course for UX Strategy in Times of Rapid Change

View our on demand webinar as we address the big question: “what next?” During this session we focus on problems you can solve in this moment, and take a strategic look into how to change course and make product advancement happen in the months ahead.

From changing research questions to managing internal stakeholder conversations, this webinar will support your work in the coming weeks and arm you with an understanding of how emerging behaviors with technology can become habit in life after the pandemic.


What's next In UX: Episode 4 - Social Justice in UX

Jacqueline and Guilia are joined by Brooke Bosley, Ph.D., Design Researcher at Microsoft Education and Alyssa Sheehan, Research and Innovation Director, Ipsos UX. Brooke’s research draws from Black feminism and Afrofuturism and offers an approach to help Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) researchers and designers create more reflective products and experiences.

The guests also talk about how to apply social justice to UX research and how brands and companies can implement inclusive and equitable designs

What's Next In UX: Episode 3 - What's the score?

User Experience is essential for brand success, but it can be hard to measure due to its subjective nature. So how does a brand or a business know if they are providing an excellent experience and how can they compare to competitors? This is where Ipsos’ UX Score comes in.

The Ipsos UX Score is a proprietary tool to help clients objectively assess their user experience. The UX Score can accurately predict a brand’s equity. It can also be used as a benchmark for offline and online experience for physical and digital products.

Jacqueline Hull, Senior Vice President, UX USA, is joined by Giulia Stefani, UX Director for Switzerland, to interview Yana Beranek, Global Head of UX, and Janina Schoenebeck, Senior Research Executive, IUU Germany. Together they discuss the Ipsos UX Score and its capabilities.

What's Next In UX: Episode 2 - Designing the Metaverse

The second episode in our series features Pip Mothersill and Katelyn Faulks-Hall (Directors of UX in Ipsos) demystifying the Metaverse, asking whether our current expectations for it are realistic, and setting out the key design principles that are needed to develop more compelling and immersive experiences. 

What's Next In UX: Episode 1 - John Deere

The first episode of this new series focussing on the future of UX (user experience) features Thomas Carpenter, UX Research Manager at John Deere, one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. With artificial intelligence and automation starting to play a significant role in agriculture, we probed John Deere's experience to find out what's required to design successful automation, and how is it possible to create an emotional connection with an automated system?

Five online shopping barriers UX can solve

Hear Yana Beranek, the author of our new white paper ‘Five online shopping barriers UX can solve’, in conversation with Suki Beg. a leading expert in our UK UX business.

Our experts discuss the main obstacles that online retailers need to overcome if they want to deliver great user experience to their customers.

The role of UX in driving brilliant CX

Our Ipsos UX teams have been working on many areas where UX can drive a more positive Customer Experience, for all members of society. Katharine Davis, Head of UX, and Damian Rees, UX Director, both from our Europe team, are here to highlight a few of them, covering: what is UX, where it’s come from, and why it’s so relevant to the CX agenda right now.

Point Of Views and Articles

Five online shopping barriers UX can solveYour UX job is about to evolve. What will it look like in the future?



Five online shopping barriers UX can solve

Your UX job is about to evolve. What will it look like in the future?

Is your e-commerce experience optimized for how consumers shop for your products, which attributes are important to them, and designed to meet (or exceed) their expectations?Many articles about the future of UX get caught up in design trends. Whilst design is critical, let's take a broader more strategic view on how UX is likely to change in terms of what we work on, and how we deliver the work. 

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  • Damian Rees UX Director, Europe

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