Focusing on the Sight of Television Advertising

Revealing the truth of transmission efficiency through the eye tracking techniques.

Focusing on the Sight of Television Advertising

Situation assessment & Research purposes

In today’s world with developed media, we are facing great challenges when trying to measure the impacts of marketing, advertising, creative ideas and POS publicity materials. In the digital and outdoor environment (cross-channel advertising), it is more difficult to accurately assess the real behaviours of consumers.


  • Many clients are very eager to understand consumers’media consumption characteristics/habits, their relationships with different media channels, as well as marketing communication in those channels; especially in such a fast booming digital environment, to learn about the ideal way to display ads/show brands and to understand the effects of different media (during the course of consumers’ shopping) on people of different generations are always essential.
  • In the report, consumer behaviours in the Chinese media world are tracked by revealing the contents that consumers come into contact with in daily life and the attention they paid. As the world’s leading brand research institution, Ipsos can help you find the potential parts in your creativity and communication process and those can increase the potential with the new “eye tracking” techniques and methodologies. We share our knowledge with clients, to show Ipsos’ leading expertise of providing insights in the field of “eye tracking” research.


Main research results

  • TV is still the main touchpoint that attracts consumers, while digital media (especially online video) is in rapid rise.
  • Outdoor media has a strong performance in display, but has little attraction.
  • Subway has an important position in the daily life of consumers (strong display performance and high attraction).

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