Ipsos Connect launches Connect:Live

Ipsos Connect launches Connect:Live to help advertisers understand the brand impact of their online video advertising.

Ipsos Connect launches Connect:Live

With the growth rate in online video investment in double digits for the foreseeable future, more and more advertisers have determined it is essential to understand the performance of video advertising on social platforms. Often, online video success is measured only with behavioural metrics such as views and clicks, but these have little relationship with meaningful brand outcomes, such as lifts in brand awareness, desire and consideration. Recognising advertisers’ need to understand how online video can contribute to business goals, Ipsos Connect has developed Connect:Live.

Connect:Live measures the brand impact of Facebook video advertising in the live platform, combining behavioural, registration and survey brand metrics. Advertisers can pre-test potential ads to select the best ad before launch and measure the brand impact of a campaign in flight within a few days to optimise in real time. Facebook users exposed to an ad are retargeted with a survey invite in their news feed and answer standard questions that relate to meaningful brand outcomes. Clients receive the insight they need to make meaningful business decisions in one concise, actionable dashboard report.

“We know that advertisers are drowning in digital data,” said Yannick Carriou, Ipsos Connect. “We also know they are looking for the metrics that matter, especially having experienced the difficulty of making decisions using cold, technical data. Advertisers want a better understanding of how digital investment engage viewers and create an uplift for their brand and business. And business impact is what matters in the end. This addition to the Ipsos Connect digital portfolio is directly inspired by this need - to anticipate and measure how brands are positively impacted by the right ad delivered to the right target. This simple but critical principle is driving our digital developments, which we are happy to discuss with our global base of clients.”

Connect:Live is one small piece in Ipsos Connect’s growing digital portfolio. Focused on combining digital and consumer insights, Ipsos Connect helps clients grow strong brands. For more information on Connect:Live, please visit our solutions.

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