Realising The Full Potential Of Marketing Partnerships

Marketing partnerships, or sponsorships have been at the forefront of our lives over the last few months whether we realise it or not. From Andy Murray at Wimbledon, the unexpected success of wales at the Euros, the resurgence of England’s cricket team, the open, the tour de France, Lewis Hamilton’s f1 success and now the Rio Olympics, the opportunities for brands in this area are immense... and expensive.

The author(s)

  • Jamie Robertson Brand Health Tracking, UK
  • Sally Laird Ipsos Connect, UK
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With a seemingly never ending sequence of high profile sporting events over the course of the summer, brands have been seeking to associate and exploit opportunities to infiltrate the lives of their customers and potential customers.


Brands spent c$58bn globally* in 2015 on Marketing Partnerships, a lot of money in anyone’s books but did they get value? Do they know if they really wrung every drop out of their associations?


Well executed Marketing Partnership activities are capable of achieving exceptional outcomes for brands and rights holders. 


In our evaluation management framework we consider all the factors that affect Marketing Partnerships performance:

  • Strategy
  • Investment
  • Messaging
  • Experience
  • Creative


Ipsos has collaborated with PACL to provide the next generation of evaluation services for brands involved in sponsorship or Marketing Partnerships activities. Bringing all relevant data together to assess the entirety of the Marketing Partnerships campaign and providing credible and objective assessment of the performance of their activity. 

We help brands by:

  • Examining fan status - an individual’s relationship with the property will drive the overall strength of response
  • Understanding connection - the type and strength of connection will determine the scope and content of the narrative
  • Partnership amplification -  effective and appropriate approach to amplifying or activating the association that brings the role of the brand to life

The author(s)

  • Jamie Robertson Brand Health Tracking, UK
  • Sally Laird Ipsos Connect, UK

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