Taking Responsibility - Ipsos Foundation Supports Libraries for Disadvantaged Children in Romania

Partnering with Educab and providing educational material.

Taking Responsibility - Ipsos Foundation Supports Libraries for Disadvantaged Children in Romania

Ipsos is committed to educational access through its Foundation to create social impact where it is located. Its mission is to carry out educational programmes for underprivileged children and adolescents in the world.

One of the early awards made by the Ipsos Foundation was to Center for Innovation in Local Development (CRIDL) in Romania who, working directly with Educab, have been engaging with local libraries in Dambovita County just outside Bucharest, to help disadvantaged children and youth.

Recently, Frederique Alexandre, Ipsos Interactive Services/ Ipsos Operations, Richard Silman, Head of Group Corporate Social Responsibility, Gabriel Jurj, Country Manager, Ipsos in Romania and Mihai Lupu, founder and catalyst of Educab within IIS had the opportunity to visit some libraries in Central Romania. Their visit was an opportunity to discuss, see and hear all the work the local librarians have done and particularly the challenges they are facing every day. As an immediate follow-up after their visit, six boxes of educational material (over 200 books in both Romanian and English) were invested in the libraries to help particularly appeal to the young disadvantaged children and adults.

During the same visit Richard Silman also presented on the Ipsos CSR activities and, most particularly, the work of the Ipsos Foundation to the IIS staff in Romania.

About Educab and Ipsos/ IIS in Romania: Educab is an international inter-institutional inter-disciplinary platform which stands for Educational and Capacity Building of public libraries. The concept of Educab was first piloted as the volunteering program of Ipsos and IIS employees in Romania in 2013, and was officially launched in central Nepal, in 2014. Our common goal is to foster self-sustainable community development initiatives, cultural & educational projects while providing learning & best practices opportunities for those joining the Educab framework.

In brief, Ipsos and Educab - alongside its partners – represents a cumulated effort of:

  • 50,000+ books invested in public library network
  • 1300+ pieces of furniture, 220+ computers/laptops, video-projectors, sound systems
  • 2 social businesses started in Romanian villages - redirecting 10% of their profit to the libraries from their communities
  • 8400+ residents benefiting from Educab initiatives
  • 52+ companies, non-profits and public structures
  • 1400+ volunteers.

After Romania, this partnering has been extended also to Nepal, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Malaysia, with pipeline initiatives in Senegal, Uganda, Vietnam and Tanzania.